Efficient, rapid, energy saving building mode – ICF

The main material of the insulation concrete formwork system (ICF) itself is the expandable polystyrene EPS foam, which is built of plastic material or metal material. During construction, the ICF module is used to form the shape of the wall. In the hollow cavity of the ICF module, a small amount of reinforcement is placed, supporting the pillars supporting the inclined deformation on both sides of the wall. Then fill and pour concrete into the ICF cavity. Thermal insulation concrete formwork system (ICF) is generally used to build walls, floors and roofs of residential and other public buildings, with remarkable thermal insulation and energy-saving effect.

 Insulation concrete formwork system (ICF) has the characteristics of simple, convenient and high efficiency, and is not limited by seasons; At the same time, polystyrene EPS foam, polyurethane foam and other materials are used, with high density, high strength and low pollution. Product systematization, high sealing effect and good durability.

 The insulation concrete formwork system (ICF) can be divided into polystyrene EPS foam, polyurethane foam, fiber reinforced cement based composite material according to different material types. Polystyrene EPS foam is the highest proportion of material used in the current insulation concrete formwork system (ICF), which reaches more than 50%. The polystyrene EPS foam is light in weight and can contain more than 95% of the air. It has good thermal insulation and cushioning properties, and is used to produce foam materials for various consumer goods and building walls and roofs.

The modular concept ensures the speed of construction. It only takes 2 weeks to build a villa (120 ㎡) with ICF and EPS roof slab. In addition, ICF structure has good explosion-proof and earthquake resistance. Therefore, a large number of ICF are used in villas and small high-rise buildings below 12 floors in Europe, the United States, Russia, Central Asia and other countries. In recent years, the project has been gradually carried out in the Middle East, China, India and other places.

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Post time: Nov-19-2021