What is EPS machine?

EPS machine is refers to polystyrene foam manufacturing. Whole set of EPS machine equipment includes presets, sheet and automatic forming machines, cutting machines, recycling granulators and auxiliary equipment. … Method of EPS machine is to put raw material into the material foamed by steam or electric heating.

eps machinery

●Performance characteristics of EPS automatic foaming machine:
The machine adopts PLC full computer touch screen control to realize the automatic cycle operation of the whole process of feeding, steam supply, temperature control, foaming and discharging, quantitative compression and feeding, accurate and rapid.
The machine adopts a fully enclosed stainless steel barrel for constant pressure foaming, which has high thermal efficiency, saves steam, shortens the curing process, and has a high foaming ratio.
The machine adopts brand-name high-quality pneumatic components, reliable in quality, easy to operate, and ensures precise temperature control, so that the foamed beads and the density are uniform.
This machine can be equipped with a vulcanized drying bed to complete the continuous operation of drying, screening, crushing and conveying foam materials.
●Performance characteristics of EPS automatic foam board machine:
The machine is welded with high-quality section steel, and has undergone aging heat treatment, so that the machine has high strength, no deformation, and can withstand the expansion force of high-density products.
The machine adopts PLC full computer touch display screen control, so that the machine can open mold, load, heat, heat preservation, vacuum cooling, demold, eject the finished product, and realize fully automatic cycle operation.
The surface of the machine’s mold cavity adopts a special aluminum alloy main board, which has high thermal conductivity, good tensile strength and long life.
The machine adopts a high-efficiency vacuum pump cooling device, which has strong penetration, good adhesion, less steam, fast forming speed, and low moisture content, which can ensure the internal and external consistency of the thickened foam board, and the production efficiency has doubled.

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Post time: May-20-2021