Cutting Machine

  • Auto Block Cutting Machine PSC2000-6000C

    Auto Block Cutting Machine PSC2000-6000C

    Main Features 1.Machine included all the advantages of A type machine, with strong structure, large capacity transformer, frequency control of motor speed, etc 2.Based on type A increase automatic cutting equipment, and used the frequency control of motor speed and voltage regulating device. Many wires cutting together, speed and voltage adjustable.  
  • Block Cutting Machine PSC2000-6000A

    Block Cutting Machine PSC2000-6000A

    Main Features 1.Machine body use high strength of square tube and steel, with strong structure, beautiful appearance 2.Machine has horizontal, vertical, and cutting device, three direction cutting 3.Machine adopts frequency control of motor speed, large range of speed adjustable, smooth movement and low noise 4.Machine use 10 KVA transformer, big adjusting range, the cutting speed is fast
  • CNC Cutting Machine PSC2000-4000D

    CNC Cutting Machine PSC2000-4000D

    Main Features 1.Machine the main frame connected by strong steel and various special fittings, stable movement, control accurately 2.Machine use stepping motor, ensuring smooth movement, speed adjust automatically. This machine is suitable for cutting the special graphics, control accuracy to 0.5 mm 3.Machine use 3 kw transformer, through the electronic voltage regulator, the output voltage of 0-70 v adjustable, can installed 20 wire, cut 20 pcs of the same patterns at the same time 4.Machine...