Auto Pre-Expander

  • High Precision Fully Automatic Vacuum EPS Pre expander Machine

    High Precision Fully Automatic Vacuum EPS Pre expander Machine

    EPS Pre Expander Machine is widely used for high density and middium capacity of EPS foam beads production line.
    1. Fully automatic production.
    2. Controlled by touch screen and PLC, easy to operate.
    3. High output and save energy.
    4. Exact density of foam beads.
    5. Stable quality and less failure.
  • Best Quality Automatic EPS Batch Pre-expander

    Best Quality Automatic EPS Batch Pre-expander

    1.Feeding, expander, filtrating, transport to silos automatically

    2.Steam system controlled by pressure reducing valve and Angle seat valve, to achieve accurate heating

    3.Feeding system adopts electronic weighing system, material level sensor control, so as to control capacity of foaming materials, to ensure that the foam bead evenly

    4.Use PLC controller and touch screen, achieve precise automatic operation

    5.Feed barrels made of stainless steel. Electrical components, valves are used abroad well-known brands, to maintain the durable, stable performance
  • SPY70\90\120 Continuous Pre-expander

    SPY70\90\120 Continuous Pre-expander

    1.Feeding, expander, filtrating, crushing, transport to silos automatically

    2.With first and second expansion, the first time filling adopt frequency conversion feeding device, guarantee the stability of feeding

    3.Uniform foaming, foam density range is 6-35g/l

    4.Material barrel inside and outside, fluidized bed dryer made of stainless steel, in order to maintain the durable use and stable performance

    5.Electrical protection device

    6.Adopt Japanese reducing valve