High efficient Automatic EPS Shape Molding Machine

1. Machine with strong structure.
2. Use PLC and touch screen control, run automatically.
3. Use strong feet to replace platform in customer's factory.
4. High efficient vacuum to make good quality products.
5. Use different operate language, more easy to operate for workers.
6. Two vertical hopper for filling material faster.
7. Use good quality parts.

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    Technical Data 

    Item  Unit PSZ100T PSZ140T PSZ175T
    Moule Dimension  mm 1000*800 1400*1200 1750*1450
    Max Product Dimension  mm 850*650*330 1220*1050*330 1550*1250*330
    Stroke  mm 210-1360 270-1420 270-1420
    Cooling Water Entry mm DN65 DN65 DN65
    Consumption kg/cycle 45-130 50-140 55-190
    Compressed Air Entry mm DN40 DN40 DN50
    Consumption m³/cycle 1.3 1.4 1.5
    Vacuum Pump Capacity  m³/h 165 250 280
    Power  kw 11 14.5 16.5
    Overall Dimension L*W*H mm 4500*1640*2700 4600*2140*3100 5000*2550*3700
    Weight  kg 4100 4900 6200
    Cycle Time  s 60-90 60-150 120-190

    Application Field:

    EPS products widely industry such as vegetable and fish box, electric parts package, wall and roof indulation, house decoration and etc.


    eps shape molding machine-9

    Main Feature:

    1.Machine use strong structure, normally use 20 mm thickness Q345 high strength steel plate. Machine plate and pipe system with hot galvanized, that it is not easy to get rust
    2.Machine adopts the best size calculation and clear pipe system, ensures a rapid pressurization and reduce pressure process. Machine use steam system balancing valve and pressure sensor control, PID control so the machine have accurate heating and energy saving, short heating time, rapidly improve the running speed of the equipment
    3.Machine use PLC control, touch screen operation, the system with self protection and alarm system, electrical components adopt international famous brand, guarantee the safe operation
    4.Machine has made great improvement on seals, all fast connector using liquid sealant to seal, use nylon tube instead of the traditional PU tube, prolong the service life and can effectively prevent the air leakage, with more energy savings
    5.Machine vacuum use spray cooling device, machine working mainly use vacuum cooling then water cooling. That the machine working faster and the product moisture content of less than 8%
    6.Welleps Machine with double hopper, can produce two different density product at one time, Hopper was special designed, it can keep pressure very well.


    This system does not require any lubricant. The hydraulic cylinder is installed in the two sides of the doom with even mould clamping force. The stainless dome can hold the heat. The mold opening and mould closing are managed by the computerized system which can ensure the best feeding accuracy. The mould ejection motion is controlled by the ejection system to provide the best quality of precision product during the ejection process.

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    This machine is designed as a three-dimension open space. This open-space design will fasten the mold changing process and operators can change the mold from the front, back and two sides of this machine. Also, this machine can be placed directly on the ground without setting any platform. To secure the safety of the operators, this machine is equipped with safety door and security system.

    eps shape molding machine-10


    The vacuum system is equipped with the Liquid Ring Vacuum pump and condenser which provides more efficient vacuity. Without any extra drying step, we can speed up the injection under this vacuum system. The mold ejection is easy to be completed and also save the more energy.

    eps shape molding machine-12


    We can design machine according customer’s detail requirement.

    Machine in customers' factory:

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