Best quality Automatic Shape Molding Machine With Vacuum

1. Machine with PLC control work complete automatically.
2. Use good quality parts for the machine work very stable.
3. Use strong structure, machine work smoothly.
4. Produce good quality EPS products, the customers will win in the competitive market.

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EPS foam machinery

Main Features

1.Equipment body use the high strength steel welded together, after the tempering process, sandblasting processing, to ensure the machine have strong structure, not get rust and increase the machine’s working life

2.Equipment adopts Mitsubishi PLC ( programmable controller )and Schneider touch  screen control. The whole production process is working automatically.

3.Machine with high-pressure feed system, feeding mould fast, machine can install 36 pcs filling guns

4.Machine with vacuum system, it can make the cycle time shorter, cooling much faster, and reduce the moisture content of products, so that products moisture content of 8% or even less

5.Machine use double cylinder for the ejector frame, action smoothly and work coordination, to ensure not damage the products when ejecting

6.Machine pipe system use balancing valve and pressure sensor control, PID control so that heat penetrates quickly, lower energy consumption

7.Hydraulic system with large flow hydraulic pressure drive, move fast, lock mould even, low noise and energy saving, etc

Technical Data 

Mould Dimension  1000*800 1400*1200 1600*1350 1750*1450
Max Product Dimension  850*600*330 1220*1000*330 1420*1100*330 1550*1200*330
Stroke  190-1400mm 190-1400mm 210-1410mm 210-1410mm
Steam Entry DN65 DN65 DN65 DN100
Consumption (8-10T)Steam of 1T material
Cooling Water Entry DN65 DN65 DN65 DN65
Consumption 40-120kg/cycle 50-150kg/cycle 55-180kg/cycle 60-190kg/cycle
Compressed Air Entry DN40 DN40 DN50 DN50
Consumption 1.2m3/cycle 1.2m3/cycle 1.4m3/cycle 1.5m3/cycle
Vacuum Pump Capacity  165m3/h 230m3/h 280m3/h 280m3/h
Power kw 11kw 12.5kw 16.5kw 16.5kw
Overall Dimension L*W*H (mm) 4500*1640*2700 4600*2140*3100 5000*2300*3400 5000*2450*3500
Weight kg 4500 5700 7000 7500
Cycle Time s 60-90s 60-120s 70-130s 70-130s

eps foam machinery


To accommodate with different sized product, this injection machine has wide ranges of mould plate, the min, dimension is around 800 × 1000 mm and the max. Dimension is up to 1600 × 1800 mm. This machine is equipped with two-step hydraulic system, compressed feeding system, and central energy system, relief damper, holding-pressure water tank, condensation system, computer-controlled system, digital process control system and steam room.


This system does not require any lubricant. The hydraulic cylinder is installed in the two sides of the doom with even mould clamping force. The stainless dome can hold the heat. The mold opening and mould closing are managed by the computerized system which can ensure the best feeding accuracy. The mould ejection motion is controlled by the ejection system to provide the best quality of precision product during the ejection process.

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This machine is designed as a three-dimension open space. This open-space design will fasten the mold changing process and operators can change the mold from the front, back and two sides of this machine. Also, this machine can be placed directly on the ground without setting any platform. To secure the safety of the operators, this machine is equipped with safety door and security system.

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The vacuum system is equipped with the Liquid Ring Vacuum pump and condenser which provides more efficient vacuity. Without any extra drying step, we can speed up the injection under this vacuum system. The mold ejection is easy to be completed and also save the more energy.

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Application Field  

EPS products widely used vegetable and fish box, electric parts package, wall and roof indulation, house decoration and etc.

eps foam machinery






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