EPS TV Package Mould

1. with good quality aluminum material
2. safe steam design.
3. Fast shape EPS products.
4. High quality production standard.

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We have a professional and most experienced team to design and produce EPS moulds.

The mould production process is as follow 1. design the mould according customer's products drawing or samples. 2. Send mould drawing to customer for customer's confirm. 3. Produce the mould. 4. Test moulds to make the products. 5. Send samples to customers confirm. 6. Arrange shipment.

The whole mould is completely treated by CNC machine to ensure the size difference less than 0.1mm.

Mould coated with Teflon for better demould and the mould work smoothly in high temperature.

Mould use high-quality aluminum alloy material.

With special design for save steam and work more efficient.

We can design any kind EPS moulds according customer's requirement. Only customers win, we can win.


Finished moulds photos and moulds parts:

22D241AF-94D0-4DEF-8799-F8B4867065CC_1_105_ceps package mould6eps package mould129CE054B0-C52A-4B6F-861F-C038EF76F1A5_1_105_c A903559F-1654-41C1-A414-B6F4F60653FD_1_105_c DF28DC56-EF20-4094-BBC5-8EE071E23AEB_1_105_c 4C771E70-ADA1-4B43-918E-6AAC74040B5B_1_105_c D1F874DE-5BC4-48E6-A505-761A274E9673_1_105_c 6FECAE07-C268-4DBC-96E8-A96C27896FED_1_105_c 80F0062E-62FF-4A35-94FA-28455B3F5BF4_1_105_c 22D241AF-94D0-4DEF-8799-F8B4867065CC_1_105_c B8E81FD8-1D29-49A6-8389-E19B957D2079 EF837CFA-09B6-4280-A9F1-80A85FFD8CDE ABD6D975-B1D9-4ABF-9227-8B83386D17E4

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