Auto Epp/Etpu/Epo Machinery

  • Best Quality Automatic EPP Shape Molding Machine

    Best Quality Automatic EPP Shape Molding Machine

    1. Solid steel construction processed by high temperature annealing, heat treatment, surface de-rusted by sandblast and sprayed by anti-corrosive paint.
    2. Control system adopts Japan PLC and English touch screen for easy operating and fully automatic producing.
    3. High quality and stable machines parts, like German Burkert angle-seat valves.
    4. Energy saving by well-designed machine size, pipe lines to realize fast steam pressure increasing and decreasing.
    5. High flow hydraulic drive with double hydraulic cylinder, which makes machine running steadily and locking tightly.
    5. The machine can be equipped with a build-in vacuum system, and also there is an access to center vacuum system.
    6. Double feeding chamber for fast feeding to shorten the cycle time.
    7. Balance valve for stable steam controlling.
    8. Extended zinc coated machine legs are optional for customer for installing machine on special ground.
    9. Machine legs and platform is optional.